The Somerville Housing Authority (SHA) announces a PUBLIC HEARING regarding the 2017 Annual Plan on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 4:30 p.m., at Properzi Manor, 13-25 Warren Avenue, Somerville, Massachusetts. The Plan and related documents are available at the Somerville Housing Authority, 30 Memorial Road and the City of Somerville, Housing Division, 50 Evergreen Ave, Somerville, Massachusetts during regular business hours. A forty-five (45) day review and comment period will commence on October 31, 2016. Any questions may be directed to Paul Mackey, Deputy Director, at 617-625-1152. Somerville Housing Authority waiting-list closing information. Currently continuing to accept EMERGENCY applications.
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Smoke-Free Policy Notice
Public Housing Lease Change and Rule Change
The Somerville Housing Authority (SHA) Board of Commissioners has voted on a Smoke-Free Policy effective September 1, 2016.
Multi-Language policies and a lease addendum have been mailed to each public housing tenant. Tenants are asked to return the signed lease addendum to their building manager by August 1, 2016.
For any questions tenants are asked to contact the Somerville Housing Authority at 617-625-1152 to speak with their building manger.
If a tenant hopes to quit or reduce smoking they can reach out to SHA resident services coordinators for resources and/or click here.
For copies of the policy or addendum please visit the SHA main Administrative office at 30 Memorial Road, Somerville, MA 02145 or click here.

Somerville Housing Authority

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We provide access to subsidized housing for eligible low and moderate-income families and elderly and are proud of the quality of our residential communities and surrounding services. Overseeing more than 1400 units of affordable in Somerville Massachusetts the employees of the Somerville Housing Authority have built a reputation for providing all SHA residents with the highest standards of decent, safe and sanitary housing. We are proud of the achievements of excellence, professionalism, performance and response our staff demonstrates on a daily basis serving all residents of the SHA and the city.

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Joseph Macaluso
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